I  streamed live from Buenos Aires streets how people started today  the day. Mask or no mask?

Government allowed going unmasked outdoors ( banned since May, 2020).
So I recorded people behavior and reactions to a no mask regulation here:

Also I was discussing live about metals, crypto and the markets as usual. Please  like & subscribe thanks!

what could scare the markets? Next saturday Evergrande deadline? what will happen? that is the only noise I got:

( clic to enlarge to see Silver reaction to that crisis)

A financial deadline is coming for one of the largest real estate developers in China next saturday: will this scare the markets again like last month? I don´t know. 

Ethereum. will ETH follow Bitcoin to a new ATH tonite? Because ETH is not haveing a new ETH YET, but Bitcoin is already having its new ATH.
Let´s see soon!

Expect updates mostly on fridays and  surprise weekend updates every 15 days.

I will focus this channel on financial news, personal finances crypto, financial conspiracies or random important conspiracies with financial impact,  metals and stocks ,and algotrading from now.  Financial spiritual stuff may be randomly included ( manifestation new age kind of stuff that work only).

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