I came across this information.
A dermopathologist. this man owns a lab

his name is Ryan Cole. He said 20x increase in Endometrial cancer.

It seems  vaxxes are destroying people inmune system

I checked Linked in. he is there

he talks about lots of  new diseases increased related to lower inmune defenses.

Check the 2 min interview here I tweeted here

Now I checked Gates... he bought Schrodinger ( cancer treating company) in February 2021.

He sold lots of companies for this cancer company :

WTF what a coincidence.

It seems there is a scientific information I picked up of a phenomena called "AntiBody Dependency
Enhancement". it´s like a side effect of MRNA vaccines.

Check here:

So that´s it. very interesting patterns emerging. is this the beginning of something wrong?

I don´t know. but please check the interview!

This was just an emergency update.

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